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The first, free, HR Community that provides HR Certification, HRLAW Seminars, HR Workshops and HR Consultancy Services.


HRSINGAPORE's HR Community is the first, free, HR forum pertaining to HR practices in Singapore. Join our free HR Community and get discounts when you sign up for HR Courses. Human Resource practitioners have been doing so since 1998.

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HRSINGAPORE has been providing HR Certification Courses, HRLAW Seminars and HR Workshops for HR Assistants, HR Executives, HR Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Directors and those performing HR roles since 2003.

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HRSINGAPORE provides HR Consultancy Services that review your HR policies, administration, employment contracts and business processes to ensure compliance with labour laws and practices.

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HR Courses

Confirmed HR Courses

Confirmed HR Certification Courses, HRLAW Seminars and HR Workshops and commencing soon.

HR Certification Courses

Certification for HR Administrators, Managers, Specialists, Business Partners & Training Consultants.

HRLAW Seminars

HRLAW Seminars for practitioners concerned about Singapore labour laws and regional compliance issues.

HR Workshops

Workshops for assistants, executives, managers, business partners, directors performing HR roles.

HR Services

In Company Training

Our courses can be customised for your organisation depending on your requirements.

HR Policies & Handbooks

We assist companies to review, develop and update their handbooks and policies in line with current practices.

Employment Contracts

Vetting services for employment contracts, letters and other documents for legal compliance.

HRLAW Consultancy

We review your HR documents to ensure compliance with Singapore's labour laws and practices.