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About the HR Community

The first, free HR Community for HR practitioners in Singapore and the region since 1998. Your subscription is free and always will be.

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The body of knowledge of HR practices in Singapore and the region comprising questions and replies from HR practitioners in the HR Community Forum.

HRLAW Community

The HRLAW Community has been helping HR practitioners with relevant HRLAW Seminars and practices since 2000. Subscription is always free.

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HR Courses

HR Certification

Human Resource (HR) Certification for HR Administrators, HR Managers, HR Specialists, HR Business Partners and Training Consultants.

HRLAW Seminars

Stay updated and compliant with HRLAW courses and be aware of the changes in Singapore and regional HR and labour laws and legislations.

HR Workshops

HR Courses for HR assistants, HR Executives, HR Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Directors and those performing HR roles.

More HR Courses

Confirmed HR Courses

HR Certification, HRLAW Seminars, and HR Workshops which have been confirmed and commencing soon.

Compensation & Payroll Courses

HR Certification and HR Courses for HR Specialists and Generalists in Payroll and Compensation and Benefits.

Skills Future Approved Courses

Skills Future approved courses like HR Certification, HRLAW Seminars and HR Workshops for HR professionals

HR Services

HRLAW Consultancy

We review your HR documents to ensure compliance with the labour laws and HR practices in Singapore and advise on potential pitfalls.

HR Policies & Handbooks

We can review, develop and update HR policies and handbooks by examining their structure, content, language and legal requirements.

Employment Contracts

We vet your Employment Contracts, HR letters, and other HR documents to ensure that they are in line with current HR industry practices.

More HR Services

Job Advertisement Service

We help organisations attract, search and fill their vacant HR positions by advertising HR jobs to the HR community for a nominal fee.

Bespoke Training

The cost per participant can be less than a public workshop when conducted in-house, depending on the number of trainees, location, and customisation.

HR Consultancy

We offer hourly consultancy to organisations with specific HR issues by meeting with our HR consultants face-to-face, by telephone, or online e.g. Zoom.