Admin or HR Dept's Duties


Dear all,

Can I ask if:
1. Should processing of name cards request under Administration department or HR department?
2. Should arranging of receptionist duty cover under Administration department or HR department (in consideration that all the receptionist staff is under administration department)?

We have a separate administrative department who is handling operation work.






(1) Name cards are considered part of company’s document and representation of an employee for the company. Hence we treat this quite importantly and needs to be controlled. Hence our HR needs to verify and handle such business cards, to ensure no error in the details - designation/names/contact numbers etc.

(2) If the receptionist staff is under administration department, then rightfully the arranging of receptionist duty should be from the direct reporting Department. It doesn’t make sense with any other options with additional complications & complexity.





If the Company have a separate department strictly handling all admin operations day to day, then is fair that the duty should be under their care. Unlike some Company HR & Admin all in the same department.

Ai Leng



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