Our consultants will review the current HR practices, carry out HR functional activities and provide training.

Setting up and Administering HR

This service is primarily for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who intend to set up a HR Department and formalize existing HR practices by implementing systems, methods and procedures.

However, it is also applicable for organizations intending to review current HR Processes to ensure that it is within the ambit of employment law and regulations. Our consultants can perform a HR Audit for these organizations.

Our service is divided into four phases.

Phase I will involve a preliminary audit for our consultants to better understand existing practices, systems, methods and policies of the organization.

Phase II is an assessment of current measures as well as development of a plan to improve current practices.

Phase III formulates and puts the plan into practice.

Organizations may then choose to proceed to Phase IV for follow up and further training.

Through these four phases, our consultant will assist companies to not only improve on current HR policies, practices and systems, organization will also be able manage HR-related issues better and develop a better working relationship between senior management and HR Department.

Interested organizations can contact us for a detailed discussion about your requirements and needs.