Human Resource Courses for HR Managers and Senior HR Practitioners.

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HR Business Partnership Skills Workshop

25 April 2018 - 10th Run - Confirmed

During this one day program, participants will be introduced to HR Business Partnering and the various tools for implementing Business Partnering, developing as an HR Business Partner and assessing the effectiveness of HR Business Partnering.

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Evidence-Based Human Resource Management Seminar

27 & 28 August 2018

The 2-day seminar is designed to help attendees understand why HR must support recommendations on workforce management strategies and programs to decision-makers with relevant and compelling evidence. Although professional expertise and judgment are valuable in developing strategies and programs the use of quantitative evidence is increasingly used to complement judgment.

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Global Human Resource Management Seminar

30 & 31 August 2018

This 2-day seminar presents concepts, theories, principles and techniques for effectively managing a workforce globally. The focus is to identify effective strategies relating to staffing, development, performance management, remuneration management, legal/regulatory compliance and employee/ labor relations in globally dispersed and culturally diverse organizations.

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HR Balanced Scorecard Workshop

Date to be advised

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply the HR Balanced Scorecard with metrics of performance from four perspectives - Financial, Customers, Business Processes, and Learning and Growth.

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Effective Decision-Making in Workforce Management

Date to be advised

This 2-day programme provides participants with approaches to framing issues and defining challenges related to workforce management in business terms and presents practical techniques for performing the analyses leading to good decisions.

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HR Metrics and Measurement Workshop

Date to be advised - 10th Run

This workshop is aimed at providing a basic understanding of the wide range of Human Resources measurements and metrics available to the HR Practitioners to track performances for the HR functions as well as the Strategic Human Resources Plan. It provides glimpses of the practice of Evidence-based HR and paves the way to move to the next level of Human Resources practice from an administrative perspective to a strategic perspective.

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