After Work Meal & Transport Reimbursement


Hi HR Practitioners,

If the office hours is from 9 am to 6 pm. After what time will the company be responsible for reimbursement for meal and transport?

And is there any quantum for the meal reimbursement?

Please share.

Thank you

Siok Wei





Transport: We provide taxi claim if staff work beyond 9:00pm.

Meal: We don't provide meal for staff who work OT but some manufacturing companies do provide their production or engineering staff with S$3.00 meal allowance if they work OT after 7:00pm.

Teck Kee




Our company's policy:

Should you need to work beyond 9.00 pm on a normal working day or meeting with clients for business related purposes, weekend or public holiday, you can claim for reimbursements on the following:

● your taxi fare from office to home; and
● your dinner (up to SGD20 or equivalent per day).

You should inform and obtain prior approval from your immediate supervisor.





Payment of Meal and Transport Allowance are up to individual company policies. For our company, we pay $5 Meal Allowance for OT work ends after 8pm. As for Taxi Claims, we allow for OT work that ends beyond 10pm.





Reimbursement of Meal
For weekdays, meal claims will be reimbursed, subject to a cap of S$15 for authorized OT past 8pm and must be approved by Manager upon provision of relevant receipts. For weekends, meal claims will be reimbursed, subject to a cap of S$15 for authorized OT past 4 working hours and 2nd meal of S$15 for authorized OT past 8 working hours and must be approved by Manager upon provision of the relevant receipts.

Reimbursement of Taxi
Employees may claim for reimbursement of taxi fares for authorized OT past 9pm on weekday, and return trips for authorized OT over weekend upon provision of the relevant receipts.





If the employee is on general work hours (9am to 6pm) then usually free transport is not included but maybe a component of conveyance allowance for tax redemption is inclusive of comp structure. In addition, If the employees are stretching or working beyond due to official requirement then they get transport facility based on required approvals. Again it all depends on the need, geography, role, gender, etc factors.

Yes there is a defined quantum of meal reimbursement if its a part of compensation structure. Typically there are options for the organizations: 1. free buffet meals 2. meal vouchers like sudexos 3. meal reimbursement component as a part of the comp structure.

Hope this helps.





Would suggest to pay for meal reimbursement if employee stays till 8pm and up to S$10/meal for each meal reimbursement. If the location of the office is not near to any food locations that are open for dinner, probably need to increase the amount as they need to order food deliveries.




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