Air Ticket for 'S' Pass Holders


Dear all,

Kindly advise if your Company provides return air ticket for home leave to employees holding "S" passes? Await your reply.

Thank you.


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Yes, we do provide 2 way flight ticket to S pass holder upon completion of 2 years contract, 1 way ticket back home if they didn’t renew. This only apply to 1st employment contract.


Reply 2

Yes, we do. It is MOM regulation that we have to provide air ticket to send S-pass workers back, unless they agree otherwise.


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It depends upon the policy of the company. In our company, we provide air ticket to expats on deputation only ( to an fro) once every year to travel to their home(base) country. But if the hire is not on deputation and has been hired locally then no air ticket is provided.


Reply 4

Yes. The employer is responsible for sending an S Pass holder home. This includes bearing the cost of repatriation at the end of employment.


Reply 5

We do nott provide any air tickets for S pass holders as this is not the company's responsibility.


Reply 6

Nope, we only buy for work permit.


Reply 7

Yes. We do under MOM regulations.


Reply 8

No, S pass and EP holders are considered professional and we do not provide air ticket. We only provide for work permit holders.


Reply 9

We don't provide for home leave, only repatriation.


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