Allowance for Interns


Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

I'm from the F&B Manufacturing industry and are in the midst of engaging students to join the company.

I'm proposing the following intern allowance and would be great if you could share your practice with me.

Polytechnic: $600/-
Private Institution: $650/-

Thank you.






1. You need to check with the tertiary institutions whether there is a minimum allowance amount that you need to give to the interns. If my memory is correct, there is a minimum allowance amount that Company will need to adhere.

2. Yes, we’ve interns from ITE, Poly and Uni but they are through their respective institution internship programme. They need a lot of coaching and patience as they’re “students”.

On this programme, the company is eligible to Govt Grant support. No CPF contribution.


-ITE $800 / mth Grant received $560

-Poly $800 / mth $560

-Uni $1,000 / mth $700

Employment on Hourly rate $7.00 – $8.50

3. Reference the institution's recommendation;

Polytechnics at min S$450
Universities at min S$800



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