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Annual increment 2021


Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We are considering the annual increment for 2021 for our employees and would like to hear from you about this.

In the past, we have given four per cent based on market sentiment and company performance.

What is acceptable this year to attract and retain employees?

We are in the real estate industry.

Thank you for your replies.




HR Poll: Our annual increment for 2021 is/will be

1-3% - 43.90%

4-6% - 21.95%

Not sure - 34.15%




We will base it on our performance towards the mid-year - WLK

Important to base it on the profitability of the company - Hazel

We have been in the region of 2%-3% - Richard

We consider company performance, set aside a budget, market benchmarking - Jessica

It should be based on your company’s performance - Aida


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