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Annual Increment for New Hires


Dear All,

Can I know if there is any other way to conduct annual increment for new hires who join less than a year? Some companies do pro-rated during the increment period. How do we go about this?

Our current policies is based on annual anniversary for the employee's first year and subsequent is based on annual increment as per standard increment with the rest of the staff.


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For our company, we follow the system wherein if an employee has completed more than 6 months of service in the year of assessment, his/her assessment takes place in the same year, else his/her assessment is carried out only in the next assessment period.


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In my organization, if an employee has completed at least 6 months during the assessment year is eligible for a pro-rated merit increase.


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We have one standard policy. Those joined within the year shall receive pro-rated AI together with their colleagues.


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There is an eligibility cut off date to receive annual increment subject to min performance levels or any other filters. And some of the organizations pro rate for the number of months the employee worked for as well, since final pro ration can be a very small figure hence organizations out a minimum increment percentage to experience the same increase. Hope this helps.


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You can actually set a cut-off date for all the employees in the company.

For example, if we intend to have the increment this month, we can say that there will be increment for those employees who joined example before 01 Aug 2016. This will applies for everybody and new hires with less than 1 year service will not get the increment.



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