Annual Leave & Notice Beyond Entitlement

How to calculate the notice period if an employee has applied for annual leave beyond entitlement during the notice period?

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In Singapore, if an employee has applied for annual leave beyond their entitlement during their notice period, the notice period should be extended by the number of days taken as annual leave.

For example, if an employee has a one-month notice period and takes three days of annual leave during that period, their notice period will be extended by three days and will now end three days later than originally planned.

This is to ensure that the employer has the full amount of time to find a replacement or reorganise the workload.

If an employee gives a resignation notice at 10 pm at night is that date included in the notice period?

If an employee gives their resignation notice at 10 pm at night, the notice period will officially commence on the next working day.

This is because the company’s official working hours have ended and the notice period will start when the next business day begins. Therefore, the date the notice was given will not be included in the notice period.

However, it is advisable for employees to submit their resignation notice during working hours to avoid any confusion and ensure that their notice period is properly calculated.

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