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Annual Leave During Notice Period


Dear HR Professionals,

How do you treat annual leave during the notice period? Do you allow annual leave to exchange for early release? How do you calculate if you pay staff instead?




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Yes, we allow annual leave offset against notice period and this is subject to mutual agreement between the employee and employer. For using annual leave to offset against notice period, the employee will bring forward his/her last day of employment with the Company and he/she will be paid up to his/her last day of work. The annual leave used to offset the notice will not be paid.

You may find the relevant information from MOM website as follows:

Note: under “Using annual leave to offset notice”




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Annual leave can be used to offset notice period, but subject to mutual agreement by the employer. Should annual leave be used to offset notice period and agreed by employer, the employer only needs to pay up to employee’s physical last day of service.




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The staff has the options to clear, offset AL or pay them for leaves not taken. For example, notice period ends 31 Aug, Staff applies 3 days approved AL prior till 31 Aug, salary pay till 31 Aug.
Staff offset 3 days AL prior till 31 Aug, salary pay till 28 Aug. If none of the above, salary pay till 31 Aug plus 3 days




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