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Annual Leave Policy


Hi All HR Professionals

Can I check, what policy does your company implement to avoid employees from bringing forward their Annual Leave ? I understand 1 way is to forfeit their AL if not used by a certain period of time, any good ways to encourage employees to clear their leave?






We only allow to carry forward 50% of current year to next. also, they need to use up the brought over leave by end of June. Meanwhile, we do a 3 monthly reminder to colleagues.





Some employees may have busy work schedule and not able to utilise their unused Annual Leave by the end of the year. Usually we will give them a deadline to clear their ALs, otherwise it will be forfeited.





Our Annual Leave Policy requires staff to have a leave plan and to clear at least half of their leave in the lst half of the year. Staff are encouraged to clear all of their annual leave by year end. Accumulation of leave is permitted up to a maximum of 5 days to be brought forward to the following year. Any accumulated leave not cleared by 31 March of the year will be forfeited. All staff are aware of this policy as it is indicated in our Staff Handbook.





1. If the employees affected are NON-PME, no policy can be impose onto them. It is for them to bring forward their AL for another 12mths.

2. If they are PME, a forfeiture policy are used, at this level, we believe all can manage their time well and utilise their leave as needed, we also open for request to bring forward leave for up to 6mths.

Hans Shu




Staff are suppose to manage their own leave and plan properly so that they are able to clear leave and only bring forward what is allowed.

I suppose one way is every quarter/six monthly to review staff leave and remind staff and their immediate Manager the need to consume their leave otherwise it will be forfeited. Of course some companies do practice 'force' leave for internal control purposes as it may also be an area of concern if staff do not clear their leave and do not mind their leave being forfeited.

At the end of the day, I do not think it is the responsibility of the company to constantly remind staff on leave clearance. From experience I have noted that once an employee has his/her leave forfeited, they automatically will start to clear their leave the following year.

Munjit Kaur



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