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Annual Salary Increment


Hi HR Professionals,

Is it a common market practice for a staff salary increase to be done yearly? What is the percentage?

Are there ever cases that one does not get a salary increase?




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Local SMEs at the most time will keep quiet and hope that the employees will forget. Employees are very understanding if the business is poor but not when they worked hard the whole year through and bosses tell them no profit. It will affect morale and younger ones plus those without any family financial liabilities will leave for good.




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The usual annual increment is to cover inflation. The increase is usually between 2 to 5%.

If the company and or individual performance is poor, there may be no increment.




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This increment shall be based on inflation and surveys mostly. You can attend talks organised by some business federations every year on how much increase shall be given this year and lastly, take note of the company’s profitability as well whether there is a budget for it yearly.