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Annual Vacation Leave


Dear HR Professionals,

I would like to know some details about the leave policy. How many days of annual or vacation leave do you provide in a year? Also, do you en-cash the unutilised leave after the year or employee can carry forward to the next year or it gets forfeited.

Thank you.



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We start with 14 days, adding 1 day to every year of service, up to a maximum of 21 days. We allow our employees to carry forward for 12 months after which will be forfeited.




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We provides 14 – 21 days of annual leave to staff depends on their ranking. Every staff may bring forward 10 days of annual leave to the following years. Any leave in excess of 10 days will be forfeited at the end of the each year. We are from Finance Industry.




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Our company provides employee with 21 days of annual leave irregardless of rank/ level, per year.

They can carry forward up to maximum of 5 days leave to the next year if they cannot finish utilizing them this year. However, they have to use up the leave brought forward by the first quarter of next year. We only allow leave encashment when the employee resigns.




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1. Base on MOM guideline is 7 days but then again depends on company.

2. Encashment of leave also depend on company, as there are some companies do not practise or no longer practise for such.

3. Carry forward of leave depends also on the companies, some allow and some do not allow or even restrict no. of leaves being carried forward to next yr. And there even some companies practise carry forward the balance leave but need to utilise it by next yr mar 2019.

You may look take a look at the link




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It is up to your management to set... 7 days, 14, 18, 20, 25, 30 etc. Leave encashment is not an ideal practice but is needed for resigned staffs who got leave balance. We allow last year’s leave balance to be b/f for half a year.




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Number of days depends on your management approval. Most of company is given 14 days for normal level. Higher level 18 or 21 days. Staff who cover by EA annual can bring to next year and must use within 12 months.




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We normally start at 14 days, with 1 day increase per year, up to maximum of 4 days (total 18 days). Leave encashment during employment is rare unless it is for very special reason. Employees may carry forward previous year’s earned leave, which will be forfeited if unconsumed by 30 June of current year.




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Based on MOM Guidelines is 7 days from start and slowly increase till 14.

Different companies provide different number of AL entitlements from the start as part of their beneficial package to attract candidates.

Encashment of leave most of the time only applies when employee resigns from the company. Any other type of AL encashment depends on company policies.

We allow our staff to carry forward 1 year of their AL entitlement but it must cleared in the next following year for the amount of leave brought forward, or otherwise it will be forfeited.




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I saw there were few commented on the number of leave allowed to carry forward. I have recently checked with MOM, under the regulation, all unconsumed leave of the year must be utilized by the next 12 months, ie. employees are allowed to carry forward the leave to next year, regardless of the number of days.