Annual Wage Forecast

Dear HR Community

I would like to seek your inputs on the coming 2022 annual wage forecast.

We are in health sciences sector and have factored 5% yearly.

What is your annual wage % forecast for 2022?

Thank you.




HR Poll: What is your annual wage forecast for 2022?

Less than 1%: 7.69%

1-2%: 7.69%

3-4%: 56.41%

5-6%: 7.69%

9-10%: 7.69%

Not sure: 12.82%




Financial services - Bab

Service industry, shortage of labour - CF

IT - Mei

Medical industry - Ivy

Gaming/IT - Jes

FMCG - Tin

Manufacturing 3-4% - Ivy

Chemical - TS

Repair Services in process industry. Our company provide 13th month pay. - Hazel

We are in the IT Industry. - Tina

Retail industry - Eunice

Petrochemical - Dew

Optical wholesale and retail. In our budget we factor 3% as increment for 2022. Aws is paid accordingly. - Ali

1% - Import/Export Food services/Retail - April

We are in Petrochemical Manufacturing industry and we project annual wage increment for 2022 to be in the range of 3-4% - Annie



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