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Are annual appraisals still used


Dear HR Community

For many HR practitioners, It’s coming to that time of the year again - the annual appraisal exercise. But are they still relevant and used by companies here?

Over the years, we may have read that more and more companies are doing away with formal annual appraisals since they seem to be more about bonuses then results.

And furthermore, we may not look forward to the exercise this year given the complications associated with assessing employees who are working from home.

The organisations who have done away with annual appraisals prefer to focus on the achievements and results of their employees every month or quarter rather than the once a year drill.

What do HR people think?



HR Poll: Are you carrying out the annual appraisal this year?

Yes: 64.52%

No: 22.58%

Maybe: 12.90%


HR Poll: Do you think annual appraisals are still useful and relevant?

Yes: 62.07%

No: 20.69%

Maybe: 17.24%




Depends on how they are used - feedback and optimisation of performance should be given throughout the year. Formal review of the potential for pay and bonus yes annually is fine - Charlotte

We should still continue to use it - Candice

The appraisal should not be a once a year event as quarterly follow up on employees progress is much more productive - Maggie

Annual appraisals are a paper exercise - Karen

Yes, especially those WFH whether local or overseas - Jenny

For this year in particular ... it is more than ever needed. During good times everybody does perform to a certain extent as the economy is good. It is only during tough times we can see the true essence of our employees who are willing to go the extra mile. - Lucy

Other than the annual appraisal, management should also be stepping up on regular communication to touch base with their staff. - Sherry


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