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AWS payout calculation


Dear HR Professionals,

May I know how we calculate the AWS payout if our employees have two different salaries within the same year?


Monthly salary Jan-April = $4000

Monthly salary May-Dec = $3500

Do we pro-rate them or take the latest salary ($3500) for the entire year?

Thank you for the advice.




HR Poll: AWS payout calculation answer is

Pro-rate: 37.89%

Take the latest salary: 58.95%

Not sure: 3.16%




Based on the current salary - May

The quantum of AWS is usually based on the last drawn salary of the employee. Hope this helps - Janet

Take the latest salary - Joanne

Latest salary - Stephanie

Our company uses the latest salary, but I do see companies use the pro-rate method. So it depends on your management - Yang

Use the latest salary - LAT

Latest salary ($3500) for the entire year - YSC

Hi, Kristine As I practice it's best to prorate both the wages accordingly. This would be fair to all - Hema

Check your company policy. Usually using the latest salary as the basis - Jade

Depends on the company's direction/budget, if the budget allows and to be fair to staff, prorate is the better method. - Carol

It depends on the terms of the contract or company policy but usually, the latest rate is used. - MB

Take the latest salary - Elsie

Prorate - Ginna

To be fair for the employee, it should be pro-rated - Jossie

We use the latest salary - Christina

Pro-rate - SL

Pro-rate or based on latest salary both are fine. Depending on your company policy. - MY


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