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Benefits for Birthday Staff


Dear HR Professionals,

May I know if your company have provide any benefits for Birthday staff? Would appreciate if you could share some of the ideas.




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My company does give out birthday gifts for birthday staffs every year, such as power banks, backpack, toiletries bag.




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For us we do provide birthday staff a card sign off by the Principal and enclose a $20 voucher i.e. NTUC or Capital Land vouchers. And for round up birthday age i.e. 20th, 30th, 40th so on will get a hamper e.g. wine or chocolate or crabtree-Evelyn goodies. This is handled by our front desk not HR.




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Our company gives 1 day of Birthday Leave for the staff to use on any day of the year. Does not need to be on the birthday itself. On top of that, we also give the staff a $50 shopping voucher and birthday cake to celebrate during their birthday month.




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We gave Takashimaya vouchers for birthday, starting from $100 and up to $1000 ( Based on years of service). Had been doing it for the past 20 years and staff appreciate this gesture a lot. They actually looked forward

Year 1: $100
Year 2: $120
Year 3: $140
Year 4: $160
Year 5: $200
Year 6: $240




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Yes we do. Since we are non-profitable organisation, staff will receive $20 NTUC Voucher and staff lunch on each month.




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At my organisation we just implemented Birthday Leave. Confirmed employees are granted one day of BL to be taken on their birthday or within one month after their birthday. If due to the exigencies of service employee unable to take this leave, it will be considered as forfeited.