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Bond for Engineer


Dear HR professionals,

My organization is exploring an idea to bond new engineers who join us. The reason as the company invests heavily on engineers, we do not wish for them to leave as soon as they receive the training.

I would like to seek advice in the community (preferably from engineering company) if you have provided such bond to Singapore and overseas engineers, and what is the sentiment from the engineers of such practice?

Thank you




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If training is invested in entry-level engineers, it is reasonable to impose a bond

a) to encourage potential candidates to consider carefully before taking up the apprenticeship
b) to deter trainee from breaking bond due to frivolous reasons

For overseas candidates, the bond may include expenses such as air tickets, settling allowance, initial hotel stays etc.

As for sentiments, it is a supply and demand situation. If you have more suitable candidates than positions available, sentiments are not a concern.




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Your recruitment will be difficult as engineers are high in demand. They have many choices.