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Bond for Training Sponsorship


Dear HR Professionals,

I have a part time staff who is sponsored for an overseas training. For a full time staff, the bond required for the training is 1 year. However, as this staff is a part timer (0.5 FTE), we need to lengthen the bond proportionately to 2 years. However, We are paying the staff a part time salary during the training. Hence, staff is asking for compensation as she is going on a full time training but getting a part time salary.

Hence, would like to check if this is a correct practice or anyone has any idea how to resolve the issue?.

Thank you!




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You may either grant her time off for the extra hours she put in for the training or consider paying her full time pay on the training days.




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Rightfully for the days she is going to be on training overseas she should be paid as this are her working days right. I think you can bond her for 2 years if she agrees but all these arrangements would have to be on fair terms.

The question may be is it fair to bond her for 2 years for a training of a certain $$ value? If so has she agreed to the ‘consideration ‘. The breach of a bond has almost always a punitive value in $ . Ordinarily it would have to be prorated to the remaining time of the bond against the training value.
I hope that helps.