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Can anyone provide the actual calculation of the Annual Wage Supplement (AWS)? What if the staff took more than 30 days of No-Pay Leave? Is anyone keen to share on AWS payout criteria? Our staff's AWS will be prorated if they join us for less than 12 months. What is the cut-off date to prorate their AWS? Is there any better method for further improvement?




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AWS / Bonus Tabulation :
= (Basic Salary / 365 days) * Working days in 2018 = AWS amount to be paid
= For example, ($2600 / 365) * 121 days = $861.92 to pay out as AWS/ Bonus
(If say, Employee A = Hired Date: 31/08/2018; Working days = 123 days; Minus 2 Unpaid leave. Total Working days in a calendar year = 121 days)

> Salary = Depends on the company's view on Basic salary or Gross salary because some organisations have additional components in pay.
> 365 days = One full calendar year
> Working days in 2018 = Actual worked days (including off days in a week and excluding Unpaid leave days)
> Non-confirmed staff aren’t eligible.
> Payout is based on Jan to Dec (01 calendar year).




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New employees, must be confirmed by 31 Dec to be eligible for pro-rated AWS. We use calendar days from joined date to compute pro-rated AWS. No pay leave will be deducted from calendar days to compute AWS.



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