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Cancellation of Employment Pass


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

I would like to find out about the cancellation of Employment Pass. In the MOM website, it states to cancel the EP within 1 week from the last day of notice. Let's say the last day of notice is on Fri, 27 Jul; when do I start counting the 1 week?

Thank you.




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1 week starting 27 July 2018.




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The website says within one week after last day notice. If last day is Fri, then EP should be cancelled between Sat to Fri.




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It would depend on the workdays of the employee if its an employee that works over the weekend then it starts to count from the next day but I would advise that you start counting from official working days ie Monday and shouldn't exceed Friday 3rd of August.




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You can cancel the pass 1 or 2 days before the last day of employment. MOM will give the employee one month visit pass from the date of your cancellation of the pass. So the employee will have enough time to settle all their personal matters before leaving Singapore.




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For your example - last day of notice is Fri, 27 Jul, you need to cancel by Fri, 3rd August.




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You can cancel it as the last formality on his Last Working Date. Or 1 week from Last Working Date.