Candidate Verification Practices

Dear HR Community

We wish to know more about verifying the particulars of candidates (education, personal information, etc) whom we are planning to interview for our organisation.

Since we are in the education industry, we are especially concerned about their educational qualifications since there are many different kinds of degrees and diplomas offered by tertiary institutions worldwide.

And now with the current pandemic, many of them are obtained online without having to attend physical classes.

And we also wish to know if you verify the candidates' particulars before or after the interview. I was thinking that verification before the interview seems futile if the candidate is unsuccessful.

Appreciate your advice and views.

Thank you




HR Poll: Do you verify the candidates' particulars before or after the interview?

Before: 9.76%

After: 78.05%

During: 7.32%

Never: 4.88%



HR Poll: Are you concerned about the educational qualifications of candidates nowadays?

Yes: 58.82%

No: 14.71%

Maybe: 26.47%




We should believe the candidates in general. When confirm that we want to offer to the candidate, then do the verification to ensure everything in order. - OCH

Once the candidate is listed in top 3, we can get the verifications done.  - D

We only verify for the final candidate offered the position. - Karen

Do the background checks immediately once you offer him/her the role. Put a clause in the contract that should an unfavourable background check is found, he/she may be terminated. - WPS

Do checks only when the applicant has the potential to be hired. - BC

Get a reference check or outsource to an agency to do the verification. - Nancy

You can always call out an accredited list of universities for reference. There are institutions accepted by the Ministry of Manpower. Your company can select those which falls within the list? If it is not under MOM list, your company may have to conduct more stringent checks on your own. - Christina

Experience is important too. Eve

Verify during. Do another round of verification with the institution after if you are keen to offer the job. Also do a reference check. - Lona

It really depends on the nature of the business. You can add a clause into their contact that qualification will be verified and false information will result in termination. - Lisa

Besides education, working experiences, maturity as well as great personality are equally important. Maybe you could prepare a checklist to prepare for the interview...if your top priority is education, then you need to do some homework on the acceptable degrees, diplomas offered by tertiary institutions worldwide. - Rina

In my organisation, we conduct background screening once candidate has accepted our job offer and signed on the offer letter. We outsource it to a third-party. It's often that the process is still on-going even after they have joined us (but we try to complete within a month of them joining our organisation). We include a clause in our offer letter that we have the rights to void the contract if the checks are found to be unsatisfactory. Education is now a focus for MOM as well. They are more stringent. - Sharon

Verify particulars and reference check only after candidate has been interviewed and shortlisted for the role (before offering). - Bes



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