Training Requirements Of Opw

Training Requirements of OPW

Gathering information on the training requirements for Occupational Progressive Wages (OPW) and what the accepted practices are.

Range Of Increment

Increment Range Factors

How do we recommend the range of increments for the year? How do companies determine yearly merit increments for staff?

Crafting Employee Referral Programmes

Crafting Employee Referral Programmes

What are the things to take note of when crafting an employee referral programme? Benefits of Employee Referral Programmes for HR Executives in Singapore.

Engendering Workplace Fairness

The announcement on proposed legislation on discrimination and the fairness framework in the workplace has implications for HR professionals in Singapore.

How Hybrid Has Changed Hr

How Hybrid Work Has Changed HR

The hybrid work environment has changed the role of HR professionals who now have to focus on workforce planning and enabling change.

Allowance For Interns

Allowance for Interns

I am in the midst of engaging students to join the company and intend to propose the following intern allowance. Please share your views.