Off In Lieu For Management Staff

Off-in-Lieu for Management Staff

QUESTION Hi HR Practitioners, If management staff worked over the weekend or on business trip, do you give them off in lieu? Please advise. Cristy     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 Try not to, cause precedent once set, very hard to take out. I suggest looking at the person job, if the person is taking care of another person job (example, a colleague resigned, or went on hospitalization leave or long MC) perhaps an off in lieu. But not work 1 day ask back 1 day, it will never end. Jeffrey     REPLY 2 No – we don’t provide off-in-lieu for Management staff who travels or works over weekend. W     REPLY 3 No. Only for non-managerial. Minimum 1 day for one leave in lieu. Carol     REPLY 4 Actually based on MOM guidelines, a day off must be granted to staff. In this case, a day off-in-lieu should be granted as they are on ‘duty’. Mabe     REPLY 5 Our company provides off-in-lieu for staff if they travel overseas across the weekends and subject to approval work on weekends. RO     REPLY 6 Mgmt staff – only work on whole day, official function. […]

Public Holiday Overtime

Overtime Rate for Public Holiday

Learn the best practices for handling public holidays falling on Saturdays in a 5-day work week! Join us and get expert advice on how to manage compensation and off-in-lieu policies effectively.

Overtime Rate

Overtime rate

QUESTION Dear HR Professionals, I have a question about overtime rates. Is it possible for the overtime rate to be two (2.0)? I have looked for instances when this can be applied in the employment act and I could not find it. And even payroll vendors are not able to answer this question. Can someone please advise. Thank you Esther     REPLIES & COMMENTS     Dear Esther, Those staff who are on a monthly salary are paid overtime at one time the overtime rate. If you pay 2 times, it is commonly perceived as 3 times. David     Hi Esther The Employment Act (EA) will always stipulate the minimum overtime pay that the employer has to comply with. And they can decide to pay more than set out in the EA. For your reference, the following are the overtime rates: 1. One and a half times (1.5X) the basic hourly rate for work done after the working hours or during an off day 2. One day basic pay for half-day of work on a rest day 3. Two-day salary for more than half-day of work but less than one day of work on a rest day 4. […]

Overtime Pay On Public Holiday

Overtime pay on public holiday

QUESTION Hi HR friends, If we operate on a standard five day week and a worker comes back to work on a Saturday for say ten hours, we pay him overtime at 1.5 times his pay for 10 hrs. Does the same overtime rate of pay apply if Saturday falls on a public holiday? I have checked the MOM website but I am still confused as to whether he is entitled to the overtime pay or one extra day’s salary at the gross rate of pay or another day off for the public holiday. Appreciate any help. Thank you. Wei Fen   REPLY   Hi Wei Fen It is 1 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed on a public holiday or another day off. 1.5 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed after 8 hours on a public holiday.   Azirah     Hi Wei Fen He is entitled to both i.e overtime for working beyond contracted working hours and is also entitled to a public holiday for working on a public holiday. The information is available in the employment act and the MOM website. Regards, Chris