Talent Acquisition Challenges

Talent Acquisition Challenges

What are the typical challenges of talent acquisition? How do you overcome these challenges with Talent Pipelining Strategies?

Pip Success Letter

PIP Success Letter

Do companies in Singapore give employees a letter who have passed their Performance Improvement Plan(PIP)? Please show me a sample of such a letter.

High Potential Talent

High Potential Talent

What are the different methods and matrices we can use to identify high-potential talent? What are some development opportunities examples for HIPOs?

Retrenchment Alternatives

Retrenchment alternatives

QUESTION Dear HR Community, We implemented the following measures to reduce the possibility of retrenchment. 1. Requiring all employees to take eight days of annual leave (AL) during April and May. 2. Creating a shorter work week from June. 3. Making it mandatory for employees to consume two days of AL in a month on the days that they were not working. Are there any other cost-saving measures that you have planned or put into action in your company to prevent retrenchment? We are in the retail sector. Best Regards Flo     REPLIES & COMMENTS            

Workplace Health & Safety Workshop

Workplace Health & Safety Workshop

Workplace Health & Safety Workshop Registration Form Introduction In today’s global and competitive economy where talents are scared, attracting, retaining and motivating employees is becoming more challenging. More and more companies are thinking outside the box when it comes to their employer branding. However, there is one area that has neglected when developing employer branding, that is, health and safety. Having good health and safety culture and practices in a company will translate to a healthy and productive workforce, improve quality of work-life, d better employee engagement and retention, reduced absenteeism and medical costs, and better business performance. Hence, HR professionals need to equipped themselves with the knowledge and skills to develop and better manage the health and safety program at their workplace.   (Face-to-face training has resumed with safe distancing and precautionary measures undertaken at our hotel venues which are certified SG Clean. We will continue to adopt a small class size for all our courses) Course Videos Course Details:  Objectives • Understand the importance and need for workplace health and safety.   • Define the statutory requirements for workplace health and safety in an organisation.   • Recognise and identify the common workplace hazards.   • Implement safety […]

Tuition Assistance Criteria

Tuition assistance criteria

QUESTION Dear HR Community, Our company has a tuition assistance programme for our employees. It sponsors them for academic courses that they wish to attend. The criteria to qualify for assistance is as follows: 1.  A full-time employee with at least two (2) years of service. 2. A performance evaluation record of at least achieved expectations. 3. Not received any employee improvement form from the supervisor. 4. No verbal or written disciplinary action for the past 24 months. My question is with the first criteria. Is requiring the employee to have served at least 2 years of service too long nowadays? What is common practice in this area? Your sharing is much appreciated. Joseph     REPLIES & COMMENTS     Dear Joseph, The first criterion of two years is fine.  The minimum should be one year because if it is less than one-year performance appraisal may not available. In my opinion, one year is also too soon to offer such benefits. One more criterion should be included in my view. And that is a bond. The employee should not resign within 12 to 24 months depending on the assistance provided and repay the tuition fee with penalties if he […]

Allowances For It

Allowances for IT

I would like to know if there is any special allowance that IT industry is giving which is part of the remuneration package.