Foreign Worker Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits for Foreign Workers

Employers in Singapore need to ensure that their foreign workers are properly covered by medical insurance and other benefits and comply with all relevant laws.

Wfh Update

WFH update

QUESTION Dear HR Community Subscribers, The government has recently announced that all organisations who are classified under the permitted list can reopen their workplaces to allow their staff to return to work. As they return to the workplace, they have to ensure a safe working environment with safe management and sector-specific requirements. And you may have also read news reports of global MNCs either delaying their return to the office to January (Apple) or allowing only fully vaccinated employees back to the workplace (IBM). While some companies here may have their employees work from home (WFH) indefinitely in the past, other may be bringing their employees back by adopting the VoRT regime. So, the question is whether organisations here are continuing to WFH or is their workplace back to normal fully or partially in tandem with vaccine policies.     HR Poll: Are your employees still WFM? No, everyone is back: 4.23% Yes, some of them are: 80.28% Yes, all of them are: 14.08% Not sure where they are: 1.41%     REPLIES & COMMENTS:  If employees are fully vaccinated. They have to comply to the safe management introduced by the company. If every employee follows and abide, it should […]

Non-Competition Clauses in Employment Contract

With the economic downturn dawning on us, some may want to secure financial stability by working for competitors in the same industry for a higher pay. For competitive industries, the departure of an employee to the competitor may spell a loss of profits and clients, especially in sales-related jobs. Companies may, as a consequence, attempt to protect themselves by including Non-Compete clauses in Employment Contracts, such as restricting employees from working for competitor’s firm within a year of resignation. Much discussion in the HR Community has led HR Practitioners to the consensus that although the clause is mutually agreed by both employee and employer, it will be difficult to enforce for the following reasons. Firstly, most HR Practitioners agree that employees who resign to join the competitors cannot be sued for a breach of contract as the law takes into account the livelihood of the employee. Should a company want to sue the ex-employee for a breach of contract, there will be a need to prove that the company’s legitimate interests have been compromised. Firstly, most HR Practitioners agree that employees who resign to join the competitors cannot be sued for a breach of contract as the law takes into […]

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Terminating Employee with Unsatisfactory Work Performance

QUESTION Dear All, Would like to ask if we terminate an employee by giving notice but during the notice period, the employee’s performance is poor and unsatisfactory, can we ask him to leave immediately? If we do, do we need to pay salary-in-lieu? We are in the service industry and cannot afford to have an with employee with poor and unsatisfactory work performance. Thank you ST     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 In the case of early termination, you would have to pay salary in lieu of short notice to the employee. However, you may advise the employee that Singapore is a small country and that it is in his/her best interest to leave properly given that employers do conduct employment reference checks with each other. Ing Lai     REPLY 2 Yes, your company has to pay for the salary in lieu. Usually our company will pay salary in lieu instead of notice because the employee’s morale is low and definitely affect his/her work performance. C Tan     REPLY 3 You may need to have records to prove that you have given several warning letters to the said employee and no improvement made before termination. This is particular […]

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Recognition of TCM Clinics

QUESTION Dear All, My company intends to extend our clinical support to cover TCM consultation. Kindly share how do you manage TCM consultation claims by employees and how do we know which TCM clinics are registered with the government or recognised? Thank you in advance Charles     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 The TCM clinics has to be MOH registered TCMs; We can check if they are registered via the following link Linda     REPLY 2 Our Company recognizes TCM bills and MCs who are registered with MOH’s “Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board” ( SKL    

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Private Trip during Business Travel

QUESTION Hi Fellow HR Friends, I would like to check if your company allow staff to extend their official business trip for personal trip. For example, their business trip period is between 1st to 5th of May but they wanted to extend 2 more days over the weekend for personal trip. And if your company allows for private trips, will your company be responsible for the employee if something happens to them during their private trip? Thank you! Maggie     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 It depends on your company’s Travel Insurance policy. Some companies’ Travel Insurance does cover personal deviation of up to 30 days before, during or after the business trip. So you may want to check with your insurance broker or refer to the insurance handbook. James     REPLY 2 We allow employees to combine personal trip with business trip on the condition that no additional cost incurred. So in your case, if the employee wants to extend over the weekend and the airticket price does not increase, it should be fine, but the hotel stays for the weekend will not be covered by the company, i.e., employee will need to pay for his own […]

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Non-Compete Clause in Employment Contract

QUESTION Hello HR Friends, I would like to know if anyone of your company put a clause in the employment agreement regarding the prohibition of working in other company with the same business within a certain time after the employee leave the company? Sita     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 Our company used to do it but we removed the clause from our employment contract a few years ago, as the clause is not enforceable if it limits the employability of the employee. Ivy     REPLY 2 I do have this clause in my employment contract. Confidentiality clause endures even after employment, and non-compete clause for 1 year. Elinda .     REPLY 3 Yes we do put such a clause in the employment contract. Cecilia     REPLY 4 We did and I do know many companies include such clause in their employment contract. However, I also read that legally, employer would not win if they go to court with an employee who joins the competitor. There was a Singapore court case documented somewhere and the court deemed that unless the employer could continue paying the ex-employee salary or agree on a certain package, they have no right […]

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Housing & Transport Allowance for “S” Pass Employee

QUESTION Dear HR Members, Would like to know if your Company covers housing / transport allowance for your employee(s) who holds an ‘S’ Pass? Understand from MOM that this above is not mentioned. Thank you. Christina     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 It is not a requirement to provide housing & accommodation for S-pass holder under the Employment Act. Season     REPLY 2 Not necessary to provide transportation and housing for “S” pass. Charles     REPLY 3 We did not provide housing and transport allowance for S pass holders. But we do provide housing allowance for WP holders. Anon