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Change Work Week from 5.5 Days to 6 Days


Dear HR Professionals,

Would like to check how to change the working hours from 5.5 days to 6 days work week, capped at 44 hours per week?

If we write the working hours from 8.30 to 5.30 (Monday to Saturday) - lunch break 1hr, total working hours is 48 instead of 44, is it against the Employment Act?

Thank you.




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Yes. I think you might need to adjust the daily timing. That is what my company is doing. Scrap Saturday and adjust the daily timing. The government grant is given for this Flexi hour arrangement




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The maximum working hours should not exceed 44 hours in a week or 7 hours 20 min in a 6 day work week. You may consider 0840 hours to 1700 hrs with 1 hours lunch break.




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Setting the official working hours at 48 hours is against the EA. EA provides for a max of 44 hours. Beyond 44 hours, employees should be paid overtime pay.




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Usually, there are 2 groups of employees here.

1) For employees not covered under Part IV of the Employment Act, they can work 48 hours week, with or without compensation for the additional 4 hours.

2) For employees covered under Part IV of the Employment Act, they must be paid 4 hours of overtime pay per week.

3) Maybe can consider shortening the daily working hours and/or lunch hour to maintain at 44 hours work week.




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For 6 days work week and to clock 44 hours you can do the following;

1. Lunch break - 1 hour
2. Morning and Afternoon Break - 20 min each

This is our practice.