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Changes to Employment Act


Dear HR Practitioners,

As we all know the changes to EA was in effect from 1 April 2019 (applicable on existing and new hires). For those new hires that joined before April 19 and was confirmed after 6 months probation,

1) Their AL entitlement is calculate base on date they first joined the company or date they are confirmed as perm staff ?

2) According to our employment contract signed and agreed mutually, our practice for AL entitlement calculation is base on date of confirmation after 6 months. Under the current change of EA*, I am not sure if such practice of AL entitlement calculation is still advisable ?

Seeking for your advise and guidance.





Under the AL entitlement, for staff that had been cover under EA for AL entitlement, they had always been based on the number of completed month of service, confirm or not, to tabulate their AL entitlement for the year. If the employee is now covered under EA, your contract cannot be worse of than EA. Hence the calculation had to change to follow hat given by MOM, unless your terms is better.

Hans Shu




AL shall be calculated from date joined.





It does not matter if new hire is it confirmed cos as long they have work in a company for 3 months, entitlement start. The pro-rate leave start from the month they joined, same for medical leave.

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