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Childcare Leave Application


Dear All,

Can I ask if employee join last year 2016 March, they have a child aged between 2 to 5 and they want to apply childcare leave for this year but they do not want to submit their marriage certificate and child birth cert and insisted to apply childcare leave, can I deducted their unpaid leave?

Thank you




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I suggest you may screenshot the requirement from MSF to show your employee and further explain to them. If they are still refuse to provide the documents, you may discuss with them to deduct their Annual Leave instead of Unpaid Leave.




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They need to provide birth cert in order to proof it their child & Singapore citizenship. There is no need for marriage cert.




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If the child is singaporean and you are making the funding from government, then the necessary document is required to ensure that it meets the funding criteria. Even non singaporean child, there must be proof that the he / she is the parent to claim such leave. Without the document, then he/she has to take annual leave.




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One criteria of CCL is ‘child is SG citizen”. This is set by MOM, employee’s child Birth Certificate is the only mean to “confirm” this requirement before CCL application. Besides, information on child like: Name of child, date of birth, BC nos, etc will be needed to submit claim from Govt from 4-6th day of CCL taken. If employee refuses, HOD or HR would need to find out more. If needs further help, please check with MOM.




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If there is no document submitted, then staff has to apply for annual leave. We will only resort to unpaid leave deduction when there is insufficient quota.