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Childcare Leave for Foreign Employee during Covid-19


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

I understand that there was a previous post on childcare leave for foreign employee.

However, the pandemic and high cost of the quarantine has made it difficult if not impossible for this group of employees to return to their home country.

As a result, we are considering childcare leave for this group of employees.

For last and this year, are you allowing them to have two days of childcare leave?

Appreciate your sharing.




HR Poll: For last and this year, are you allowing them to have two days of childcare leave?

Yes: 85.42%

No: 4.17%

Maybe: 4.17%

Not sure: 6.25%




May consider it - YY

No reason needs to be given for applying for child care leave (CCL), since foreign employees were still allowed to apply for CCL even when their kids were not in Singapore - AT

Two days childcare leave for an employee with a non-Singaporean child aged below 7yrs old, no matter where the child is, the leave is an entitlement to our employees - Nora

Why wouldn't you - they still have children to care for in a pandemic - Charlotte

Not allowed - Vincent

Yes. They should have the same treatment for leave entitlement - JL

We will still grant them the childcare leave as has been the practice regardless of where their children are - MK


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