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Dear HR Community Subscribers

Our company uses an HR portal or HRIS for employees to apply for childcare leave.

However, the portal settings only allow us to choose either childcare leave to start from:

1. The child's birth year: or

2. The following year.

We currently set it as a child's birth year and the same settings apply to the whole company.

By doing so, I feel that this disadvantages babies who are born in September and after.

This is because the mothers will not be able to take childcare leave after their maternity within the same year.

We are in the energy industry.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you for your advice.




HR Poll: Do you agree that our HR portal is disadvantageous to babies who are born in September and after?

Yes: 36.00%

No: 36.00%

Not sure: 28.00%




It does not really matter whether you set to child's birth year or following year. The max entitlement is 42 days (7x6years). In this case where child is born in Sep, mother can take her childcare leave the following year onwards. Her childcare leave will likely fully utilize when child turn 7 i.e. Year 1 to Year 7, 42 days. For those born earlier in the year, childcare leave can be taken from Year 0 to Year 6 where it's still max 42 days - Angela

Manually adjust the benefits - Nancy

Do the childcare leave manually instead of going through HR portal, and this will be much fairer for every employee - NL

1.Check with the portal provider, asking them on the setting would be your best bet, to allow all the option. 2. if the 2 options is your company policy, you will need details on why the option of calendar year is being taken out advice accordingly and record it - Hans

There is no disadvantage for Lynn, as at the end she will still be able to take childcare leave until the child turns 7 years old - Joanne

For my company practice , I will put it to the following year - Susan

Our HR system is able to set for individual staff. Suggest you feedback to your system vendor to cater to this need - Sharon

It will not be disadvantage to babies born after Sep - this is because as shared by Angela, the max childcare leave is (7yrs *6 days) 42 days. And when company file the govt paid Childcare leave claim, this is being checked by Ministry of Family & Social Development. Hope this helps - Elaine


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