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Child's Medical Certificate


Dear HR Practitioners,

Recently I’ve been asked by my staff that they would like to apply for their own medical leave using their child’s medical certificate. They were told by the doctors that they can actually apply for Medical or Sick Leave by using their child’s medical certificate. Is there a rule somewhere that indicates that such a practice is allowed? Please share your feedback if you have similar experiences.

Thank you!




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The doctor probably meant Childcare Leave. And even then, the doctor’s understanding is not accurate. Suggest you tell your staff that you would be clarifying this matter with the doctor as you want to ensure that if this is something new and you are not aware of it yet, you would want to take steps so that the staff does not miss out on the new benefit. Then give the doctor a call to clarify. Or his/her other patients may be going to their HR for the same issue.




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I am only aware that employees can utilise their child care leave for such cases.




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I suppose you can treat that as child care leave for the parents to take care of a sick child between 7 to 12 years old. MOM has a guideline on this type of leave.




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For our company, we don't accept any medical leave certificates that are not of the employee's name. For employees who need to take leave to look after their sick child, they can always utilise the childcare leave granted.




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First time heard. For what I knew that some companies need the child's medical certificate to apply for childcare leave.




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No, MC is only for staff's entitlement, not for the dependent. Unless your company has given child sick leave as a leave benefit like how my previous company practised but it is rare.