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Chinese New Year Holiday


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

Our company is contemplating opening a few hours on the 4th day (Mon) of CNY and staff can go home after lunch. These are my following questions :

1) Staff who come back for that few hours - do you deduct 1/2 day leave from staff or do your company give the staff the 1/2 day as off day.

2) What about those staff who applied leave of this day (especially the Malaysian staff who had planned to go back to their hometown). How do your company treat such case.

Appreciate your sharing. Thank you.




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We work on 5 days week, hence 19 Feb is our OFF day (replacement of 17 Feb). If you declare 19 Feb as half day, those who apply leave will be treated as 1 day not 1/2 day. Same for half day on Christmas eve if it is a working day. Leave will be treated as 1 day.
(caused it is a full day pay).




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Our company is practicing the same opening for Chinese New Year and since it’s a company’s decision to allow staff to disperse after lunch, we treat it as an off day without leave deduction but sadly for all those whose applied leave on that day, it will still be treated as annual leave.




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In my previous company (construction), we did not deduct 1/2 day leave from staffs who come to work on the first working day after CNY. For those who had applied leave, the leave will be deducted as per normal.




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My company practice :

Those who come back and leave office after the "opening after CNY" ceremony are paid for the whole day. Those who did not turn up have to apply leave for the full day.




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My company is given additional off day on 19th Feb (Monday), and this announcement had been made before 2017 Christmas. When there is case like AL applied and approved on this date, they are to arrange internally with their direct superior, or cancel this leave application.




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In our company the 1/2 day will be company given off, we will not deduct staff leave. For staff who are already on leave on that day, they will not enjoy this 1/2 day off given by company..




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For my Company, staff that come back half day are not require to apply annual leave.
However, staff who apply annual leave need to apply full day leave.

Yi Ling