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Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We are reviewing our benefits to our employees for festival celebrations.

Please advise if you are planning to give Chinese New Year (CNY) Red Packet (开工红包)to your employees this year.

We are in the hospitality industry.

Appreciate your replies.

Thank you.



HR Poll: Please advise if you are planning to give CNY Red Packet (开工红包)to your employees this year?

Yes: 76.25%

No: 16.25%

Maybe: 2.50%

Not Sure: 5.00%




This is a form of employee benefit - Jaci

No - Education industry - Sun

This is kind of traditional practice, where employees will want a "prosperous" packet from the boss. Especially this year - Jenny

Yes - We're in travel and tourism - Rach

Yes - Recruitment industry -  Ivy

These are CNY goodies that employees expect to receive - Sharon

If this is the practice of the Company, it is good to continue. It will bring some cheer to employees - Cherie

Our company gives $10 "Ang Bo" and 2 mandarin oranges - Logistics industry - Mary

Yes, we continue to keep this tradition and are seeking Management's approval for higher amount value just for this year (2021) as there will be no CNY get-together lunch. We are a regional Sales and Marketing office of an electronic component manufacturer - ML

It's a past practice that we will continue this year as well - Ivy

150 - Helene

We don't give angbao to employees. We only give oranges and pineapple tart. We are a US MNC - Vivian

Any company that i go to, they will give red packets every new year. I mean private companies, not government. it's a small token, a blessing, you don't have to put too much an amount. some seniors in the company, if they are married and have kids, they will also give ang pao to the younger people in the company. So, i think giving ang pao in the company is not a big deal - Kelly

Yes but a small amount only like $10 - Belinda

Token cash - CT

$100 - JL



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