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Since 1998, for more than 20 years, the HR Community at HRSINGAPORE has been helping HR practitioners participate in Singapore's first HR forum pertaining to HR practices, access the archive of HR questions and answers and obtain discounts when attending courses.

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Comments from our subscribers

"Thank you for providing us a platform that allows us to share knowledge and update on the ever-changing policies."

"This forum is an invaluable source of information on HR for me. It is the go-to place to find ideas and solutions. Quite often I am able to find someone else who is in the same situation as I am and that gives you perspective."

"Practices shared are useful especially in making changes to current policy."

"It's good to get feedback from other HR practitioners on their HR policies. This helps to check against our policies to know if we are aligned with the employment practices."

"The information shared is very useful."

"It gives insight to what other companies are practicing and we can use that to improve our policies."

"The HR Community allows us to share our HR knowledge and get gain HR professional advice from members of the community. Cheers:)"

"The HR Community is a very crucial platform as it helps the HR Community members to seek answers to their queries and also creates awareness amongst community members about situations, they may not have experienced."

"I like to say that I found being part of the HRSINGAPORE Community very helpful to me in my work. The sharing of information and a place to go when I have about market practices is invaluable to me as a HR professional. I know its entails quite a bit of work moderating and checking the forum content before broadcast. Do keep up the great forum."



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