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Company Dress Code


Hi HR professionals,

My company do not have strict rules on office dress code standards, except for major criteria mentioned such as observe safety, customer contact and public contact. Can you share your company practise?

Thank you.


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Our Company standard on dress code.

At all times Hair must be kept tidy and neat;
Maintain a clean and/or shaved facial appearance;
No Short skirts, skimpy shorts and revealing ladies’ wear;
No Sleeveless or worn out tees, Beemudas nd jeans with tears and holes;
No Slippers and open toes sandal and higher than 3 inch heels;

Employees are responsible for ensuring daily compliance to the stated dress code policy. Any employee found to be in breach of this policy will not be allowed to represent company in carrying out one’s assignment on that day. Should the Employee be required to change one’s attire before resuming duties, half day leave or salary will be deducted for absence from work.


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The following is our company’s dress code which is stipulated in our policy and handbook.

All employees are expected to be dressed appropriately in office attire which is in accordance to acceptable social and business standards.

The following is not permitted from Mondays to Saturdays:-

· Shirts, T-shirts and Singlets which are collarless or sleeveless
· Attire with objectionable words or graphics insignia
· Shorts, Bermudas, 3-quarter pants, sports or aerobic attires

Smart casual (jeans and T-shirts) is permitted on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Employees who are not in proper attire will be liable to disciplinary action.


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No collarless or round neck fancifully printed T-shirts and shorts from Mon - Thur, dress down on Fri. Of course, appropriate office attire such as no low cut/tube/spaghetti/bare back outfit for female employees.



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