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Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

When company have annual dinner event and there are lucky draw event involved. What is your company's practice under the following scenarios :

1) Staff did not want to go.

2) Staff last minute have family matter to attend to e.g. child not well.

3) Staff unable to attend because on business trip.

4) Staff who happened to leave the function room to visit the rest room while the lucky draw session is on.

5) Staff who left the dinner half way to meet customer.

6) Staff who are roster on duty e.g. security guard on duty and and unable to attend.

Greatly appreciate your sharing.

Thank you.






Last month, our company got our annual dinner with Lucky Draw event. Our practice was applied to Staffs who are invited and present on the evening regardless reason of absent. To ensure all Staffs to be present during the Draw Time, our organizer will announce the Time start. Such” Staff who happened to leave the function room to visit the rest room while the lucky draw session is on” will disqualify if HE/SHE is picked on the lucky draw.

That’s my sharing and hope it might help abit to you.





Past experiences in hosting D&D event, we laid down a few ground rules and informed staff:

1. Not attending or overseas
· not eligible for lucky draw;

2. Last min withdrawal without valid reason
· staff pay for the cost p/staff of dinner;

3. Write name on lucky draw coupon
· especially for those on duty calls and submit to HR dept before event;

4. Repeat announcement of various draw in advance at the event

· Called coupon nos 3 times before snowball [those who’ve left function during draw]




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