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Compassionate Leave


Dear HR Professionals,

I was wondering what is the common market practice for Compassionate Leave?

How many days are given? Is it considered paid leave?

Is it normal in Singapore to have 2 days of compassionate leave? Cause from my experience funeral usually takes 3 days.

Thanks in advance!



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Our employees are entitled to 5 working days of Compassionate Leave. We are in the finance industry.



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Our company, which is an SME in the media industry, gives 2 days paid compassionate leave to our staffs. If there is a need for longer leave, the staffs can choose to use Annual Leave or No Pay Leave.



Reply 3

Our Company give 3 days to the employee with less than 5 years services, 5 days to employees with more than 5 years services



Reply 4

My Company gives 4 days continuous. Standard practice mostly 3 days.



Reply 5

Since compassionate leave is not a statutory term under Singapore's employment law, it is up to the company to determine their own policies as well as practices. I would say that companies generally offer between 2 to 5 days per year. So, this is for your reference.

As for the so-called the duration of the funeral, do take note that different religions have different practices. Hence, the so-called the duration of the funeral cannot be judged from the major ethnic group's perspective. The policy should not be religious-ethnic centric.

In addition, companies should consider the following in their design of this policy:

(a) be explicit: calendar days or working days

(b) define clearly what we mean by the death of 'immediate family member'. This term is subjective. HR needs to list down to what level of 'immediate family member' is acceptable.

(c) documentary evidence upon the return from compassionate leave

Lastly, do not dwell too much into this 'policy'. Such benefits are NOT desired nor looked forward to by employees at all. It should not be termed, 'benefit'.



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It is not mandatory and up to the employer's discretion. Usually, practice is 3 consecutive days and for immediate family members inclusive of parents, siblings, spouse, children, grandparents only.

Compassionate leave is paid leave.



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It is up to the company discretion. Our company gives 5 consecutive days per demise of an immediate family member, i.e. spouse, child, parent, brother/sister, grandparent, parent-in-law, son/daughter-in-law. The leave is granted commencing from the date of demise.



Reply 8

Our company practice the following:

Death of employee’s spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law – 5 consecutive working days
Death of employee’s brother, sister, grandparent – 3 consecutive working days



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In my company, we give 3 days of compassionate leave and its paid leave of course. In some customs, they require to defer the funeral or the praying rights. We do make exceptions and clear it within a month.



Reply 10

Depending on the relation of the employee with the deceased, compassionate leave will be:

Parents/spouse/children :3 days
Inlaws/siblings :2 days
Grandparents: 1 day



Reply 11

Our Co’s policy for compassionate leave is as follows:

Compassionate Leave on No. of Days of paid leave

Death of parents, parents-in-law, spouse, children Day of death till one day after the funeral (max 5 working days)

Death of maternal grandparents, siblings 2 working days

Staff have to submit a leave form, indicating Compassionate Leave and relationship together with a copy of the death certificate on return from their compassionate leave.


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