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Compensation for Public Holiday on Saturday


Dear HR Professionals,

For companies that are on a 5.5 day (alternate Saturdays) work week, what would the compensation be like? The company gives those who are not rostered to work 1 day off in lieu.
For those who are rostered to work, they get to enjoy the PH as it is.

Staff who are rostered to work are questioning why do they not get the other 0.5 day off in lieu since it is technically not a working 0.5 day for them too.





If the PH falls on a Saturday, the company policy should state clearly via memo or staff handbook for off-in-lieu to be one day or half day. If done consistently across the board, there is no issue of unfairness. The justification that may be used for your case, is that the same principle applied for annual leave taken on a Saturday (being a half working day) or eve of PH, will be considered a full-days leave.





In the previous company I worked for with 5.5 days alternate Saturdays, HR will move the roster by 1 week so that everyone enjoys the PH, there is no need to credit any leave for anyone who is rostered to work or not.

For e.g. the upcoming 2020 CNY will be like this:
4/1 - Team A
11/1 - Team B
18/1 - Team A
25/1 - CNY all no need to work (when it was supposed to be Team B)
1/2 - Team B

Based on the above scenario, both teams get 2 consecutive Saturdays off due to CNY.



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