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Compensation of Travel Time


Dear HR Professionals,

I would like to know if your company has a policy for compensating employees who travel for business on a weekend? Is there a minimum number of hours of travel time before the employee would be eligible for compensation? Would you consider the travel time on weekends as overtime hours?




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We do not compensate for OT hours or Replacement Off for travelling on weekends. However, we pay daily allowance for travel on weekends regardless of the flight or travelling time.




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We will grant one day off in lieu for each day of business travel (regardless of hours per day) on the weekend. For employees eligible for overtime pay under EA, we will pay overtime instead of granting off in lieu.




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Travel time depends on company policy. As we are a 5-day week and if employee return from States on a Saturday evening on Sunday early morning 6 am, the staff is credited 1 day time off in lieu (TOIL) which is for Saturday and should be used within 2 months. And say, they fly to HK on a Sunday evening late flight, they are not compensated at all.