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Compulsory Work on Public Holidays


Hi HR professionals,

My company is in F&B and we need our staff to work on public holidays.

If public holidays fall on their working days, can we force the employees to work by compensating them the PH pay as per MOM's requirement? Or can they choose not to work?

Thank you.


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You cannot force. Need to indicate in the employees handbook clear and ambiguous.


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Your employment contract as well as during the interview should state the needs to work on Public Holiday due to the nature of business. Please also state the compensation mode i.e. Replace another day OFF or 1-day payment. If the candidate cannot agree to it, he should not join your organization.


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The kind of business nature that operates 24/7 will requires employees to be prepared for irregular work schedules which will be expected to work on PH as well. Ideally, employer should emphasize or reinterate this at point of hiring interviews. Thereafter, employer need not force employees and they will follow duty roster accordingly. It is legitimate so long employer compensate accordingly.


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Don’t “force” when it could be negotiated and employee has the right to turn down.  Try some advance duty planning affecting those off day falls on PH from ground Supervisor. Made known of request/notice so staff can also plan ahead. Perhaps have a team of part timers to fill in the gap. Nowadays ‘life style balance” is important to younger workforce.


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Please give new recruits a pre-mentality during job interview time that in service line they are prepared to work through public holidays.


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You can't force staff to work on PH but you can encourage them to work on PH base on contract that you asked them to sign on or indicate in the employee handbook to avoid any dispute.


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You must not "force" ur employees to work which is against MOM regulations. Please work it out peacefully. These ought to be stated in the handbook & appointment letters.



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