Concurrent Training Bonds

Dear HR Community Members,

We have an employee who is currently serving a bond for a course related to his work.

This same employee wishes to participate in another training course which will require him to be "double-bonded".

Do you allow this in your organisation?

We are in the service industry.

Thank you for your replies and advice.




HR Poll: Do you allow employees to be "double-bonded"

Yes: 25.00%

No: 50.00%

Perhaps: 17.86%

Not Sure: 7.14%




It depends on the training cost and whether the course is a requirement in order for him to perform his job duties. Usually, we do not allow the serving of bonds concurrently. - Theresa

If the courses are required due to his job nature, our company will allow it. - Fern

The bond period can run consecutively, but not concurrently - Yen

Hi Grace, our organization discourages staff to serve concurrent bonds. We required staff to complete her bond period before they start another bond. Regards CP

Yes, if it’s a performing employee, and the training did not negatively impact his work performance, and definitely encourage if the training is relevant to his work. No, or wait, if the training is not relevant or the training negatively affects the work performance. - LHC

No, until he finishes the current course. - Esther



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