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My understanding is that a conditional offer of employment is a job offer that is subject to certain conditions that must be met by the job candidate before the offer becomes final.

These conditions may include things like passing a medical examination, obtaining a work permit, proof of educational qualifications or work experience, or passing background checks.

Once the candidate meets all the conditions set out in the conditional offer, the offer can be finalised and the candidate can begin employment.

However, in our organisation which is in a very specialised area of education, we have a candidate who does not meet the education criteria now but is currently studying and may be able to have the qualifications in about one year.

In this situation are we still able to offer her an employment contract that is subject to her graduation? And if she does not meet complete her studies successfully, can we then decide either to terminate or continue her employment?

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Can an organisation offer an employment contract that is subject to a candidate completing a course?

Yes: 58.06%

No: 25.81%

Perhaps: 3.23%

Not Sure: 12.90%



What if she does not complete her education? Will the skills required from her match the job? - Van

Yes why not, this is up to the company's mutual agreement if the candidate signs and agrees.  - Chua

After successful graduation, then it's the candidate's choice to stay or leave. Since it's a specialised industry, the organisation will benefit if long-term employment is offered on goodwill, subject to her skill set and work attitude. Give her time and resources to grow, it's a talent attraction and retention strategy. - Ming

You may also like to consider offering a fixed-term contract first. Upon successful completion of education, the contract can be converted to full-time employment. - Gena

Yes, you may give her a provisional offer subject to her passing her studies as it does state there that it is a "provisional offer". the company can change its mind at any time should it find that something is wrong with the candidate. - CCY

Is this educational requirement stated in the advert or job description? The candidate may not meet the job description requirement and as a result, the job offer can be withdrawn (not termination or resignation). The logic works the same as when a foreign candidate fails to obtain a work visa and no longer meets a requirement to work in the role. - Alex



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