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Condolence Wreath


Hi HR Professionals,

Our company sends condolence wreath on demise of parents, children, siblings and parents-in-laws. Is it common practice to send condolence wreath on demise of grandparents, uncles and aunts as well?

Thank you.




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No, we don’t. Only immediate family will be considered.




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Per my company’s policy, we extend to grandparent as well. Grandparents-in-law, uncles & aunts are considered not immediate relatives thus we do not extend company benefit to them.

Hwee Lin



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My company will circulate an envelope and let staff put in money. Not compulsory, they can choose to offer or not and how much the amount of money.

Kim Hou



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We send to direct family members and grandparents.




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We only do for immediate family members.




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I feel that this is very subjective. The strength of the relationship of the employee to this family member should be the key consideration when making such decisions. Of course you should also have a clearly defined company policy to guide this.




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Common practice to include grandparents, but not uncles and aunts.