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Dear HR Professionals, I would like to check on what is your company policy for Condolences under Staff Welfare.

Thank you.




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Usually, our company provides 5 days of compassionate leaves.




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For us, we advocate term life insurance. So we bought insurance for all staff. That will be the main bulk of our Condolence benefit. $50,000 paid to the Employee's family in the event of death.




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Ours is $100 for a wreath to be sent to staff.



Condolence Benefits in Singapore: Providing Support to Employees During Difficult Times

The article discusses the topic of Condolence Benefits in Singapore, which are provided by some companies to their employees who have experienced a loss of a family member. The benefit typically includes paid leave and financial assistance to help the employee with funeral expenses.

Under Singapore's Employment Act, there is no legal requirement for companies to provide Condolence Benefits. However, some companies choose to provide them as a way to show support and care for their employees during difficult times.

The article also provides some guidance for employers who wish to implement Condolence Benefits, including setting clear policies and procedures for employees to follow when requesting the benefit, and ensuring that the benefit is administered fairly and consistently.

Overall, Condolence Benefits are a way for employers to demonstrate empathy and support for their employees during a difficult time and may help to improve employee morale and loyalty.

Additionally, some companies may also offer extended leave or flexible work arrangements to employees who have experienced bereavement, although these benefits are not officially recognised under the law. It is up to each individual company to decide what type of Condolence Benefit they wish to provide, and how it should be administered.

It is important for employers to communicate the availability of Condolence Benefits to their employees, and to ensure that the benefit is provided in a timely and sensitive manner. Employers should also be mindful of the employee's cultural or religious practices and may need to make allowances for any specific requirements that arise during the mourning period.

Furthermore, it is important for employers to have clear guidelines for their employees on how to apply for the Condolence Benefit and what documentation is required. This can help to avoid misunderstandings or disputes and ensure that the benefit is administered fairly and consistently across the organization.

In summary, while there is no legal requirement for companies to provide Condolence Benefits in Singapore, offering this type of support to employees who have experienced bereavement can help to demonstrate empathy and support, and may contribute to a more positive workplace culture. Employers should carefully consider what type of benefit they wish to provide, and ensure that it is administered in a fair and consistent manner.

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