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Conducting Exit Interview


Dear all,

I would like to ask for staff who resigned from the company, is it compulsory to conduct exit interview in addition to clearance?

Many thanks!


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It is not compulsory to have an exit interview but having one will give an opportunity for the employer to get employee open views about working at the company and their experience during the time of employment. Of course you may or may not get the cooperation or response to share from the resigned employees but there is no harm having the exit interview.


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As a small SME family, I will talked and understand more with all exits. It will be good for the future workers if there are problems spotted and cleared. If they had reservation to open up, we can still be friends and wish them well. Some of the good ones might stay if we do the remedies for retention. But it is always good to be proactive as salvaging at last stage looks bad and ineffective too.


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Not compulsory. HR needs to establish the purpose and what to do with information gathered of exit interview. It should be done early and not on last day of service.


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Yes its a valuable addition if your office conduct a exit interview. If the employee resign through proper channel than after the exit interview you will find the reasons (bad or good) for this matter.

Ali Malik

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Exit interviews are not compulsory in the eyes of law. However, many companies do practise exit interviews, as these may shed light on reasons why staff choose to leave. Companies can then make use of the acquired information to come up with possible solutions at increasing retention rates



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