Confirmation Letter Format

Is there a fixed format or template for a letter of confirmation? Can you provide a sample?

There isn’t a universal fixed format as the content can vary depending on the organization’s policies, the employee’s role, and the terms of employment. However, a standard letter of confirmation typically includes the following elements:

Date of Issue: The date when the letter is being issued.

Employee Details: Name, designation, and possibly employee ID of the individual being confirmed.

Confirmation Statement: A clear statement indicating that the employee has been confirmed in their position.

Effective Date of Confirmation: The date from which the confirmation is effective.

Terms of Employment: Any changes or continuation in terms and conditions of employment post-confirmation, including salary, benefits, and job responsibilities.

Probationary Period Performance: A brief mention of the employee’s performance during the probationary period might be included.

Future Expectations: A short note on expectations from the employee moving forward.

Closing and Signature: A closing statement, followed by the signature of the authorizing officer, typically someone from the HR department or a direct supervisor.

Remember, the tone of the letter should be positive and encouraging, reinforcing the company’s decision to confirm the employment based on the employee’s performance.

It is important to have a solid starting point when drafting important HR documents like a Letter of Confirmation. Here’s a template that you can customise according to your organisation’s needs.

Letter of Confirmation Template

[Company Letterhead]


[Employee’s Full Name]
[Employee’s Job Title]
[Employee’s Address]

Dear [Employee’s First Name],

Subject: Confirmation of Employment

We are pleased to officially confirm your position as [Employee’s Job Title] with [Company Name], effective [Effective Date of Confirmation]. This follows the successful completion of your probationary period which commenced on [Start Date of Probation].

Throughout your probationary period, we have been impressed with your level of dedication, professionalism, and contribution to the [specific project/department/team]. Your skills and efforts have played a significant role in our team’s continued success, and we are excited to have you continue with us permanently.

Terms of Employment:

Following your confirmation, the terms of your employment outlined in your initial employment contract will remain in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

Salary: [Details if any changes]
Benefits: [Details about any new or revised benefits]
Other Terms: [Any other changes or continuations in terms and conditions]
We trust that you will continue to work with dedication and commitment, and we encourage you to further develop your skills and grow professionally within our organization.

Should you have any questions regarding your confirmation or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact [HR Contact Name/Position] at [Contact Information].

Congratulations on your confirmation! We look forward to your continued contributions and a successful journey ahead with [Company Name].

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Job Title]
[Company Name]
[Contact Information]

[Signature, if sending a hard copy]

Remember, this is a customisable template, and it’s important to tailor it to reflect your organisation’s specific situation and policies.

Here is a generic example of a confirmation letter format. However, please remember to customise it according to your company’s specifics and the employee’s details.

Example of a Confirmation Letter

[Your Company Letterhead]


[Employee’s Name] [Employee’s Job Title] [Employee’s Department] [Company Name] [Company Address]

Dear [Employee’s Name],

Subject: Confirmation of Employment

We are pleased to inform you that following the review of your performance during your probationary period, which began on [Start Date of Probation] and ended on [End Date of Probation], you have been officially confirmed in your position of [Employee’s Job Title] with [Company Name], effective [Effective Date of Confirmation].

During your probation period, your performance is satisfactory, meeting the standards and expectations set forth by our company. We commend your efforts and contributions to the [Specific Department/Project] and look forward to your continued dedication and excellence in your role.

As a confirmed employee, you will now be eligible for [mention any changes or continuation in terms of employment, such as benefits, policies applicable to confirmed employees, etc.], as outlined in our employee handbook and your employment contract.

We encourage you to keep up the good work and continue to contribute actively to the success of [Company Name]. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or the HR department if you have any questions regarding your confirmation or employment terms.

Congratulations on your confirmation, and we look forward to seeing more of your excellent contributions to our team.


[Your Name] [Your Job Title] [Company Name]


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