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Contractor / Freelancer


Dear HR Professionals,

We have a local that lives half here and half in China. We need to use his services as a Contractor / Freelancer. Do we need to give him a contract or should he raise an invoice for us?

What are we liable for? Holidays / CPF / Medical Cover?

Please advise.




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I believe the company is not liable to provide the freelancer with holidays/CPF/medical benefit.
Our freelancer is paid for their service based milestone agreed. We provide the freelancer with Contract for Service, at the same time we always ask the Freelancer to invoice us upon completion of a milestone for a payment.




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If he is a contractor, that is a contract FOR service, which is different from an employment contract (contract OF service). As a contractor, he will invoice your company for his service as an independent contractor. Since he is not an employee, there is no implication on CPF, medical and holiday benefits.