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Copy of NRIC


Hi HR Practitioners,

The recent announcement from PDPC with regards to the copying of NRIC is quite unclear. Can HR of the company continue to copy NRIC for new Job Application or keeping a record in Employee P-file?





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I think it is not encouraged to collect a copy for job applicants (HR officers can verify on the spot and return the NRIC if needed). A copy of NRIC can be made at the point of offer/acceptance of employment for the administering/enrolment of employee related benefits.




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You may wish to download the guide on NRIC from PDPC website.




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Of course, we need to know who we are employing and paying to the right name. I do not know if PDPA is an over-kill or over-emphasized hype.




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Are we still allowed to ask for NRIC number to verify payment made to the correct Freelance and contract staff that we have employed to work with us?




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For employment, PDPA allows copying of NRIC (for CPF contribution, IRAS submission, Government Childcare leave/Maternity/Paternity claims, Reservist make-up pay claim purposes).